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There are only two things that can catch a person’s eye: either something that is distasteful and considered an “eyesore”, or something that is aesthetically pleasing. Which would you say is true for your old garage door and gate? At Heavenly Garage Doors & Gates, we aim to enhance curb appeal. Our goal is to enhance the value and beauty of your home in an affordable way. We help all of our clients achieve this high class, exterior appearance by providing the following quality services:
Our professional technicians will install your choice of garage door in a timely fashion. We will also ensure that the system functions properly, and you know how to take care of it going forward. We offer the following types of garage doors, so you can choose the one that best fits your style:
  • Steel Garage Doors: This type of door is most popular as it is less maintenance at the lowest cost, yet beautiful. If you are looking for a strong, durable door, this is exactly what you want. Steel doors also offer a number of great customization options, so you can choose the color, style, and insulation that fits your price point.
  • Wood Garage Doors: A sturdy, wooden garage door has the power to give a home a touch of classic and rustic style.
  • Glass Garage Doors: This type of door looks best on more modern homes. Glass adds to help give your house a sleek, modern appearance.
Over time, your garage door may deteriorate. The outside may start to look a little weathered compared to when you first got it, due to constant exposure to the outside elements. The mechanics of your door may also not work as well. In these cases, you will need either a repair or replacement to restore your door.
This service is specifically for home and business owners who have a single garage door, instead of the section doors. We are able to service 1 piece garage doors in all ways, including hardware and springs replacement, molding replacement and more.
A garage door opener can make your life easier and add security to your garage. Instead of having to manually open your garage door, you can open it with a click of a button from the inside of your vehicle or from your smartphone (whether you are home or not). We carry the latest, quietest and even Live Feed and Live Audio automatic openers. If you need an automatic opener repair or installation, click on the link above for more information.
Your garage door springs play a vital role in the function of your garage door. If your springs are not working properly, or broken, it is best to give a professional company a call. Sometimes re-tensioning of springs may be needed, but if they are broken, they must be replaced as your door will be “dead weight’. Call us – we offer all standard and custom residential and commercial garage door springs replacement services.
A common issue with garage doors is that they sometimes will fall off-track, whether something caused it to (loose cables) or not. If you find that your garage door is off-track and is jammed diagonally or half way open, give a professional company like Heavenly Garage Doors & Gates a call. We can repair on the spot.
Need a replacement remote control or keypad? Looking to reprogram your garage door or gate openers due to new tenants moving in? Contact us today for all your accessory needs.
In need of emergency gate repairs or just general maintenance? Call on us – no project too big or too small to get your gate working properly. We repair sliding, driveway, swing and pedestrian gates, including: new chains, new automatic openers, replacement of V-Track and wheels, intercoms, remotes, keypads and more.

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