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Getting a commercial gate installed is one of the greatest things you can do for your business. These gates can help to keep unwanted individuals out, and will let the personnel you want in. They can also enhance the overall look of the exterior of your business! Gates can bring the appearance to a more professional level as well.

Who Needs a Commercial Gate?

A commercial gate may be just the system you have been looking for. This can increase your security, and give you peace of mind whenever you leave your facility. Other reasons why a business owner may opt to get gate services include:

  • It controls access.
  • Some gates can record, so you have documentation of who is trying to come in, and who is going out.
  • It can keep out animals, and other unwanted guests.
  • It can add a more professional touch to the exterior of your facility.

Different Kinds of Commercial Gates

There is nothing worse than not having options. Luckily, at Heavenly Garage Doors & Gates, we offer our clients a number of options when choosing the type of gate that best suits their needs. The different types include the following:

  • Sliding gate. This type of gate rolls on wheels in order to get to the other side and lock.
  • Swing gate. This type of gate will open about 90 degrees each way. It functions like a door does, where you can open it to walk through, and close it behind yourself.
  • Vertical lift gate. This type of gate does exactly what you’re thinking it does- it lifts up with the click of a button, so people can pass through!
  • Pedestrian gate. This type of gate is for individuals looking to walk in to the facility premises.

Contact the Professionals

At Heavenly Garage Doors & Gates, we take safety very seriously. That is why we hire only the most experienced technicians to help guide you through the gate installation process. Our staff will educate you on types of gates, help you decide which is best for your commercial facility, and install that gate with speed and precision. We also offer commercial gate repair services for anyone who is experiencing issues with their gate. Give us a call at (310) 974-6496 and schedule your installation appointment today!
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