Steel Garage Doors

The most common kind of garage door you will find while strolling down the American suburbs will be steel. This makes sense, for steel is a very versatile material. This allows the door itself to take on a variety of different patterns and colors, easily adapting to the general aesthetic of almost any home. If you are looking for a sort of “one size fits all” approach to garage doors, then steel doors are the best for you because of their malleability. Regardless of what it is exactly what you want, you can always count on our team at Heavenly Garage Doors and Gates for all your garage door needs.

Steel Garage Doors

As versatile as steel garage doors can be, they might end up clashing with the look of the home if the house itself is made of a very distinct material. If the home, for example, uses traditional paneling, steel doors are quite likely to fit right in. However, if it is a stone or brick house, steel garage doors might not go that well with the facade. You don’t want your garage doors to ruin an otherwise very pleasant home aesthetic, so make sure to consult with someone knowledgable about design before settling on a specific style. You will always want to be careful.

Maintaining Steel Garage Doors

There are various ways in which you yourself can take care of your steel garage doors. You should, for example, be sure to check the tracks, hinges, and rollers every so often for any signs of wear and tear. It’s also a good idea to tighten the screws and bolts now and then to prevent any sort of accidents stemming from any loose mechanisms. Semi-regular lubrication is also a good way to keep excessive friction to gradually damage your steel garage door’s mechanism, and don’t forget to give the doors themselves a new coat of paint with high-quality acrylic exterior grade paint whenever it needs it.

Install Steel Garage Doors in Beverly Hills

We at Heavenly Garage Doors and Gates have been providing the Beverly Hills area with garage door installation and repair services for over a decade. Ever since then, we have been the top choice of countless people in the area when it comes to taking care of their garage door needs. Whether for you that currently means installing new steel garage doors or repairing your current ones, we are here to help out! Just call us at (310) 974-6496 and we’ll arrange for it.