Pedestrian, Swinging, Sliding Gate & Opener Repairs & Installations

Pedestrian gates are a great way to regulate who comes in and out of your property without having to deal with the extra security costs of having a person there to oversee this. By installing a new pedestrian gate, you can enforce restricted access to your property by way of just an ID scan, a callbox, or a camera. This is equal parts convenient, safe, and practical. Especially when you are running a large operation. You really want to provide multiple exits and entrances without having the need for security staff at every post. This will also allow for a quicker security checking point for every employee or student who goes in. There’s no longer the need to stand in line and check-in at a desk.

Installing a New Pedestrian Gate

At Heavenly Garage Doors and Gates, we take pride in providing installation services for pedestrian swinging or sliding gates for your property. We always make sure to find the right design and gate type that would fit your location, making sure that not only does it help your operation, but it also complements it accordingly. Our team will work with you to hit all the marks you intend the gate to fulfill. Whether you want it to operate via call box or ID scan, we can make sure to set it up the way you want it.

Repairing a Pedestrian Gate

If you already have a pedestrian gate and it’s now giving you trouble, we can also help you with that. We know everything about how to install a gate, which means that we also know all about how to repair them if they’re not working. Our team can help you fix whatever problem your gate is having in no time, making sure that your business operation is not inconvenienced for long with the issue. Trust us to leave your pedestrian gate as good as new.

Pedestrian, Swinging or Sliding Gate & Opener Repairs & Installations in Beverly Hills

We at Heavenly Garage Doors and Gates have been providing the Beverly Hills area with garage door offtrack services for over a decade. Ever since then, we have been the top choice of countless people in the area when it comes to taking care of their pedestrian gate needs. Whether for you that currently means repairing your current pedestrian gate or installing a new one, we are here to help out! Just call us at (310) 974-6496 and we’ll arrange for it.