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Has Your Old Garage Door Opener Stopped Working?

Do You Need Some Garage Door Repair?

A garage door opener has become an indispensable part of everyday life. Their convenience has made them a standard feature of every home that has an attached garage. The steps you need to take to install a door opener are straightforward enough which means almost anyone can do it. Instructions do vary from each manufacturer, however, every installation will come with its own methods and important precautions. A skilled garage door repair technician explains:

To install a door opener, it is necessary to ensure your garage door is in good working order. The door needs to be well-oiled and sturdy so it does not get stuck or damaged by the constant opening and closing. All ropes and cords need to be removed before any installation is done. Lastly, your garage door’s spring tension needs to be checked. If the door remains in place when raised up halfway, then the springs tension is perfect.

It takes from 2 – 5 hours to install a garage door opener. Assembling the actual opener is one of the easier steps. It is recommended that you put the power head upside down in order to expose the hole where the rail will be mounted. Then, line up the metal rail sections with the nuts, screws, and other such hardware, on the floor in the same position as they need to be assembled. Some will have arrow decals that show the right way everything needs to be pointing. As stated beforehand, manufacturer’s instructions do vary greatly, so this will be the time you need to assemble all the parts as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

An extremely important step, which will be needed to install any garage door openers, is to make sure there is a good place for a header mounting bracket to get attached to. This is a piece of hardware which will attach the track of the opener to the wall of the garage. If there is nowhere to do this, then the frame of the garage will have to be augmented by adding a stud.

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