Garage Door Offtrack

You will know your garage door has gone off track because you will not be able to use it. Simple enough. You will notice that either only one side of the door is being lifted up or that the whole door is not moving. This happens because the door itself has gone off its rails and the mechanism is not allowing for the door to be lifted up easily. This is a fairly common occurrence and one that we at Heavenly Garage Doors and Gates can help you out with. We’ve been providing garage door offtrack services in Beverly Hills for over a decade.

Why Did Your Garage Door Go Offtrack?

There are plenty of reasons behind a garage door going offtrack. Most commonly, your garage door can derail as a result of an intense impact. If for whatever reason you hit your door with your vehicle, you might end up derailing your garage door. After all, these impacts shake the whole door, which can easily cause it to go off its track. If you notice your garage door was left hanging from its cables after an impact, you might be dealing with this kind of issue. Not all cases stem from a specific event. Sometimes, wear and tear can lead to one of the lift cables breaking, which transfers the full weight of the door to rest on one side. A similar thing could happen if the bolds holding up the tracks get loose and alter the track alignment.

Getting Your Garage Door Back On-Track

We usually recommend people not to try to fix their garage door offtrack by themselves. After all, not only are you dealing with a delicate mechanism, but you are also handling a very heavy object being held up by loose cables. One wrong move and your garage door could easily be dropped further and damaged beyond a mere offtrack issue. It is always better to call the experts when the time comes to fix these things.

Garage Door Offtrack in Beverly Hills

We at Heavenly Garage Doors and Gates have been providing the Beverly Hills area with garage door offtrack services for over a decade. Ever since then, we have been the top choice of countless people in the area when it comes to taking care of their garage door needs. Whether for you that currently means repairing your current garage door or installing a new one, we are here to help out! Just call us at (310) 974-6496 and we’ll arrange for it.