Choosing a New Garage Door in Santa Clarita

garage door in santa clarita

A stroll down any neighborhood of American suburbia will immediately let you know that garage doors can easily make or break a house. Blame the inherent faults of the architectural design or blame the careless choices of the middle class, but a lot of the time these key pieces of a house’s design can clash with the design in a variety of different ways. Sometimes it’s because of their placement, which you can’t exactly do much about without tearing the whole thing down and starting over. Other times, however, it is simply the design itself that doesn’t work. If you are looking to install a new garage door in Santa Clarita, carefully consider the following choices before committing to one.

Glass Garage Door Installation

A lot of people make the mistake of pairing up their modernist home with a wooden garage door, which… why? The key to address this common misjudgment is through glass garage doors. These doors, a highlight of modern housing, usually consist of a metal (normally aluminum) framing with temperate glass panels that obscure the view into the garage from the outside. Not only do these really give your home a cool modern look, but they can better match the style of the residence if it itself doesn’t make use of wood paneling or siding. If you have a home that looks like the 21st century, make sure your garage door does too.

garage door in santa clarita

Steel Garage Door Installation

The most common kind of garage door you will find is steel. The material is very versatile, which allows the door to adopt a variety of different patterns and colors, adapting to the general aesthetic of homes with fair ease. These steel doors are as close as it gets to a “one size fits all” garage door because of their malleability. However, they might end up clashing with the look of the home if the house itself is made of a very distinct material. If your home uses traditional paneling, then steel doors would fit right in. However, if you live in a stone or brick house, steel garage doors might not go that well with the place. There’s a lot of nuance that comes into this decision, so if you are looking to install a new steel garage door in Santa Clarita, make sure to consult with someone knowledgable about design.

Wood Garage Door Installation

Wood garage doors should look nice… in theory. In practice, they are actually not that easy to maintain. Also, they don’t go that well with a lot of houses. However, if they do match the house’s design and aesthetics, they really can look absolutely incredible. It will depend on a lot of factors, such as the color of the wood and the surface material of the house, but they are usually the garage doors of choice for stone and brick houses. They just add a touch of warmth to an otherwise cold-looking structure. In such cases, good garage doors are the way to go.

Install a New Garage Door in Santa Clarita

How many times have stable-like garage doors ruined the look of an otherwise lovely craftsman house? More times than it should have (you don’t keep carriages there anymore!). You can change that by getting a new garage door in Santa Clarita that better suits the home it’s a part of, and that is what we at Heavenly Garage Door & Gates are here for. Give us a call at (310) 974-6496 and we’ll make sure you are paired up with the best garage door in Santa Clarita.

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