Car Stuck? Call The Garage Door Repair Experts In Beverly Hills

garage door repair in Beverly Hills

Why you have been in lockdown, you may not have been using your garage door as much as usual, so when you come to get the car out to recharge the battery, you might be surprised the door isn’t working. It might be no surprise after weeks of idleness that the garage door has failed, but if your car is stuck behind doors that won’t move, then you will need a quick garage door repair service in Beverly Hills that can resolve your problems and allow you to get access to your car quickly. When it is essential that you get into your garage as soon as possible, you need to speak to Heavenly Garage Doors and Gates today.

garage door repair in Beverly Hills

Resolving Problems With Your Garage Door

If you have not used your garage doors in a while, then you may have a sneaking suspicion that the problem could lie with the remote-control system that operates your doors. It is a good idea to check out both of these devices, the sender and the receiver, to make sure that they are both still transmitting electrical signals. If one of these has failed, then replacing batteries might be the quickest fix and a simple resolution to your problems. However, there may still be further problems with your remote system as a result of a lack of use. If you have changed the batteries and have not got any good response from the garage door, then you will need to call out our team and ask them to help you solve the problem.

Has The Mechanism Failed?

The biggest question after you have ruled out battery and remote system failure is to check the mechanism that operates the garage door. If you have a spring system, as most people do, then it is possible that the spring has seized due to lack of use, meaning that it cannot move because it is so stiff. This is particularly true if you have not been maintaining the garage door, by adding oil to the springs for example, which may mean that other parts of the mechanism are also close to failing. Rather than risking trying to fix the springs by yourself, we always recommend that you get our team of garage door repair experts to assist you, to ensure that everything is done correctly and safely.

Contact Us Now

When you want a fast resolution to a failure of your garage doors, you need to reach out to Heavenly Garage Door and Gates as soon as possible. We can assist you with any type of garage door repair service in Beverly Hills , even during a lockdown, so contact our teams to let us know that you are having a problem, and ask us when we could assist you. Reach out to us today by sending us an online inquiry and asking for a free consultation, or contact the team directly by calling us at (310) 974-6496 now.

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